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Age 23
Birthday October 25, 1979
Personality Type ENFP - External Intuition Feeling Perception (Yay! I'm a creative person!)
Comic Calvin & Hobbes (YES!)
Color Greens and Blues! (Used to be changes)
Car I have 1989 GMC Jimmy
Cars I want Mini, BMW M3 & 1966 Ford Mustang (Class Hardtop - red or yellow)
Music Styles Rock, Metal, Trance, 60's Surf Music (GO DICK DALE!), Some Classical, Jazzy stuff, Blues, even like SOME rap. I love nearly all forms of music. Especially anything with guitars!

Favorite Bands
* = seen in concert

  1. Metallica - Master of Puppets (this will never change) * (in SLC)
  2. Fear Factory * (in SLC)
  3. Coal Chamber * (in SLC)
  4. Slipknot - Self Titled * (In SLC)
  5. Deftones * (in SLC)
  6. Mudvayne ** (in Idaho Falls and SLC)
  7. 40 Below Summer
  8. System of a Down
  9. Tool / A Perfect Circle * (Tool in SLC)
  10. Linkin Park
  11. Spineshank ** (met these guys in Pocatello!)
  12. Rammstein * (In Boise)
  13. Korn - ONLY FIRST CD. * (in SLC)
  14. Slayer - South of Heaven
  15. White Zombie (Zombie) * (in SLC)
  16. MM - AC Superstar, and past stuff
  17. Vision of Disorder - 1st CD only!
  18. Kottonmouth Kings
  19. Kittie
  20. Soulfly ** (in Pocatello both times)
  21. Nirvana
Favorite Trance/Techno
  1. Paul Oakenfold
  2. Paul Van Dyk
  3. Nick Warren (Essential Mix!)
  4. Christopher Lawrence (United States of Trance!)
  5. DJ Snowman (Live set on Trance Addict!)
  6. John Digweed
  7. DJ Dan
  8. DJ Micro
  9. Sasha
  10. The Crystal Method
  11. Blue Tonic World
  12. Astral Projection
  13. DJ Tiesto
Fav Movies (dvds rule!) Pulp Fiction, Silence of the Lambs & Hannibal, Fight Club, Run Lola Run, Lawrence of Arabia, Shawshank Redemption, Gladiator, Star Wars, The Matrix, Office Space, The Rock, Mallrats & Clerks(Go Kevin Smith!!!)
Fascinating People Jimi Hendrix, Anders Qvicker, my brother Dave (he's way out there), Bill Watterson, Jennifer Anniston "mmm".
Food Chinese food, pizza, Grapefruit (citrus), Skittles, Mt. Dew & Squirt, popcorn, red licorice, (Yes, I have a sweet tooth), My Aunt Connie's Lasagna (MMMM),
Favorite Poets Emily Dickinson, Melissa Westaway, Robert Frost, others.
Books 1984, Lord of the flies, The Shipping News, Sphere, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
Games Chess, Monopoly, Quake2, Tribes, Doom, Betrayal at Krondor, Wolfenstein 3-D, Age of Empires 2, Sim City, Card Games
Querks/Craziness Left handed for writing, left eyed, throw with my right hand, play guitar right handed, like to look at the stars, don't watch much television, like to draw complex mazes by hand, love going to all concerts, like cool tattoos but probably would never get one, collect dimes in a cool bottle, love staring at lava lamps, like reading about Zen, sunset/sunrise intrigue me, like to debate about "life" in general (even if I don't believe in what I'm arguing about. Usually to just make another person think about his/her position), love looking up at falling snow, would like to wallpaper my room in those 3-D eye pictures, love listening to foreign languages but can't speak hardly a word outside the english language, I play guitar on a right handed reversed performer series jackson guitar in drop C tuning, like to shop online, love learning new things, like to drive my car on road trips, like teaching other people stuff about computers, am usually most creative at night, love chatting online, kinda shy in person (getting better though), hate being even one minute late, I sneeze 4 times, like to watch the stock market,
Sports Snow Skiing, Racquetball, Golf, Fishing (Fly and Bait), Ping Pong, Billiards, Olympics (watching), anything that will bring out the competitive spirit!
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