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I'd like to thank some people for helping me get where I am today:

Robert & Janice Weis
- For being great parents, for buying a computer for me to destroy and rebuild numerous times, money well spent! :-) I can't really explain a more genuine thanks than to just say, I love you both very much.

Jake Jacobson
- For hooking me up with the best class in high school (TECH SUPPORT!), for motivating me to learn more than ever, encouraging me to take on new challenges like hardware, software, graphics, web apps, and programming.
Thanks for everything Jake. You are the man!

Jack Mosier and Charlie Hopkins and all the other great people out at Nonpareil - Thanks for giving me a chance and letting me work out there. Got some great first hand experience at work in the real world! And, thank you for helping me get through (still in) school.

Dr. Corey Schou, all the students/faculty at ISU College of Business, and the COB Support Teams - For helping me grow into a manager, learn to work in teams, learn to manage a team (whew!), and for always being around to fix all my messups (Corey you know what I mean! hehe).

Garren Wood - For helping me become a leader. For helping me take the initiative. For giving me the confidence in myself to grow and become a manager. For always being a great friend when times were rough. Oh, and I'm gonna get my T.V. don't get too comfy with that 14" beast. *laugh*

Becky Wood - Thanks for all the help at work with organizing, politics, and trying to always keep everything running smoothly, and most importantly, thanks for always saying, "Robby, you're gonna make SO much money when you get done with college!" hahaha I hope so.

Dr. Dennis Krumwiede - For helping me figure out who I really am. For encouraging me to look at the forest, rather than the trees. I'm been reading that book too, so I'm going to be in your office bugging you about more of those personality terms! Be ready! :-) Keep up the good work, and don't forget, we got to get some raquetball copping out Dennis! *wink*

My brother Dave - For telling me I'm a computer geek who does too many graphics and that I'm a weird guy.

To all my online friends and organizations who've looked at all my work over and over again encouraging me to do more, cleaner, faster, and better then the average graphics artist. Also, a big thanks to all the people out there that write tutorials for programs like Adobe Photoshop. Thanks Anders Qvicker, Dr. Ozone,, Phong, (you know whasup!), and all the hundreds of other websites I've gone through.

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